Friday, July 31, 2009


This week has been interesting to say the least.....well interesting to me I suppose! So here is my Friday ramble for all of you and if it makes no sense, then just stop reading!

I found out a few things that were a bit odd as well. The first of them being, the guy I dated before Andrew (well the last long relationship I had before him) is engaged and his fiance is preggers. Now don't get me wrong, better them than me I suppose, but its just crazy. See, I dated this guy in high school and then again when I was 21. We were always friends after our high school breakup and when he joined the military we kept in touch. He'd come home to Ohio on leave and we'd have dinner or catch a movie. I really thought that we would be together for a long time and maybe that was foolish of me, but after trying to be a couple again, things just didn't work out. 3 to 4 days later he was dating another girl (the one he is currently with) and thankfully I was also able to move on sometime later and meet Andrew. So things worked out, but its just crazy to think that could have been me.

As much as I like to dream about married life and having a family, I'm happy with the way things are right now. I love Andrew and I know that a few years down the road we will be married and then in a few after that have our own family. I just want everything to be so perfect. I want to have the wedding I've always dreamed of and share that joy with everyone that has been so important in my life! I often find myself thinking about weddings I have been to that were just perfect, my many cousins, my good friend Sarah from college and Dave and Erica and how their weddings just suited them perfectly.

When I was with my last long time boyfriend, I dreamed of a flashy expensive wedding but with Andrew its different. Sure I still want a big wedding (mainly because I have a large family), but I'm not so sure that it needs to be flashy. I want to wear my moms dress, or something made from her dress. I want to get married outside, maybe at Andrew's parents farm. I want my bridesmaids to wear pretty knee length dresses and carry daisy's, maybe a reception in a big tent with a dance floor and music all night! But that is a little ways into the future so I've got plenty of time to keep dreaming I suppose!

So don't look for anything on my left hand except a promise ring for a little while, but don't expect me to stop dreaming!


Caitlyn said...

Oh, Creampuff! Off and making tiny pastries of his own. Just goes to show that things are never as good fat-free. (Ha ha, because he lost a bunch of weight. I'm so clever!)

Amanda said...

hahahahahahahahahhaha that almost made me pee my pants!