Monday, August 3, 2009

And over the weekend

This weekend was less than productive. I didn't do anything at the house, well WE didn't do anything....but that's fine with me I suppose.

Friday night we just hung out and went to Meijer, where I had the worst shopping experience I've ever had there. I don't shop at Wal-Mart because it usually involves not being able to get checked out and having un-friendly/rude cashiers, but at Meijer I never have this problem, until Friday night. Our cashier was no more than 17 or 18, which is fine, and he was sloooooow. The girl in front of us was buying 5 things, all electronics and was ringing them up all separate purchases and writing checks....which seemed odd. She kept asking for gift receipts for each purchase, which as I've heard is a new scheme that people are pulling at stores. Her checks kept getting rejected and then when the cashier didn't ask for her license, the checks went through "magically." This whole process took at least 20 minutes and we had the whole conveyor full of food so I wasn't going to leave. When he checked us out he did an AWFUL job bagging the food and didn't put anything cold together and put about 3 things in each bag. I was beyond annoyed and when we got home and decided to call the store manager. He was friendly and said he would take care of the issue, but when we went back there the following day the kid was still working....I thought passing bad checks would get someone fired but I guess not!

And enough of that ramble! Saturday we did some garage sales and then visited with my grandparents and went to my god-daughters 4th Birthday Party, which was pretty lame. No offense, but my aunt and uncle aren't always the friendliest people in the whole world! After that we headed home and relaxed.

Sunday was Ohio State Fair day, and as much as I hate to admit this.....I tried the Deep Fried Buckeye.... (no photo, sorry) and it was so good, but so horrible at the same time. The thought of eating deep fried candy made me feel like a blimp, but its not like I would eat that every day!

Here are some photos! Enjoy!

My beautiful flowers at the house - they are called nekkid (naked) ladies!

The butter cow and farmers at the fair, they do this every year, but its always something a little different

We got trapped in Davey Jones Locker!

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