Monday, August 17, 2009

Travels and Things

So the trip to Pittsburgh was amazing, we had a really nice time and got to go into the city for the day on Saturday. I rarely get to go to PA and do things that I want to do because its always on my parents or my work schedule. We arrived Friday afternoon after an hour rest stop at Cabelas, we had my fave chili dogs for lunch and had my fave pizza for dinner! Saturday morning we headed downtown via the light rail transit system and walked around Station Square, the Southern end of downtown all the way out to Point Park where the 3 rivers of Pittsburgh meet.

Best things about the trip:
  • Dipping our hot feet in the fountain at Point Park
  • Having Yuengling beer on draft (you can only get this stuff in PA and WV)
  • Seeing the US Steel building up close for the first time
  • Seeing my god-daughter Abigail
  • Having most all of my favorite foods
  • Lunch at the Hardrock Cafe on the patio
  • People watching
Here are some photos as well!

The Fountain at Station Square dances to music, its really pretty

The view from atop Mt. Washington after riding the incline (the car was so hot inside, I thought Andrew would drown in his own sweat)

This is where we were most of the day.

Just one small part of my favorite building downtown.

I just thought this one turned out really cool.

And in other news, I am going on a diet/work out routine. I've slowly been gaining weight since Andrew and I started the house buying process and I am sick of the way that I look. Andrew and I made a deal about me loosing weight and I'm not going to give all the details on here because it really only makes sense to us. I am going to start mid week after I get everything figured out with my exercise routine and diet, I bought a ton of healthy stuff at the store last night and Andrew said he would buy me some weights and work out videos, which we are going to get tonight. I've heard Booty Beats is really good as well as any of the dance type work out videos. If anyone else has suggestions (I can't really afford to join a gym, but I have a bike and a place to run nearby), please let me know!

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Unknown said...

Cool pictures! As for losing weight, the only thing I would say is stick it out. It's crappy. You have to do at least an hour to 90 minutes of moderate cardio five to six days a week to really see results quickly, and that's not fun stuff until you get used to it. Now that I'm into working out a few times a week, I love it!