Thursday, August 13, 2009


I am at the house, all alone (no dog even) for the first time ever.....and of course I'm freaking out! The people across the street have been in the process of moving out since we bought this place, and they have people coming and going constantly. They have been walking up and down the street all night yelling, coming and going from the house and all kinds of crazy stuff. Andrew told me to call the cops (he is out fishing with his brother on the Scioto River), but I don't think I need to do that. This is the one nice thing about having a dog, because although Bessie is not vicious I feel safer when she is here. Andrew's parents took her for the weekend since we are going to Pittsburgh! I wanted to leave tonight, but that didn't happen, but it doesn't matter, we will just leave early in the morning.

Its now 11:01pm, I really wish that Andrew would come home.....I don't think I can go to sleep without him. There isn't much on TV that I feel like watching, King of the Hill just ended and I've watched 18 Kids and Counting, House Hunters, Barefoot Contessa, Cops and Real Housewives of Atlanta......and I made a quesadila too! The dumb gas company STILL has not brought our meter out so we can't use the gas stove yet! I didn't feel like starting up the grill since all we have left is charcoal, so the quesadila maker I bought came in handy today! I swear when I am too lazy to cook that thing saves my life!

Well all for now readers! When I arrive back from Pittsburgh I'm sure to have pictures and stories to share!

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