Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beware: Scam

There is a new scam going around involving Visa Cards, somehow my information was obtained by a company claiming to be involved with Visa - here is what happened:

Got missed calls on my cell phone from:

This was over the course of 2 or 3 days and I just ignored them since they never left a message until one day they did. They said they were an "Order Confirmation Department" calling to verify a rebate for my recent order. They didn't say there name or the company name and said they needed to verify information and to call back. When you do call them back you have no option to talk to a person so I just waited till they called again and answered. This time they wanted to verify my address (they had the wrong one but I didn't tell them that) and they had the last 4 numbers of my debit card.

I told them to remove me from there list and to never call again, the girl was very rude and hung up on me saying that I should accept the "free" gas card they were sending me. When I went to cash my check on Friday I talked to a personal banker and he cut up my card and ordered me a new one (I paid the $5 to get it in two days).

They have been calling a few other people that I know and called my parents number as well asking for me and saying they were Visa, making it seem like it was something important. My personal banker told me not to shop online again for a while and to call the attorney general to file a complaint. But the calls did stop and no money was taken from my checking account.

I hate scams like this and just wanted to let everyone know to watch out for these calls. I've learned too that putting weird numbers that call you into Google is great, a lot of times you can find out loads of information about these people!


Amanda said...

A few months back, an odd number called my house daily but never left a message. I tracked the area code to Columbus, OH. I HATE scams!!!

Amanda said...

Yeah its been a while since something like this happened to me, but I'm glad I caught up to their act before they got any money from me!