Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend in Review

This past weekend was both productive and odd. Friday night Andrew and I went to a Beat Michigan party at one of my brothers friends houses. It was a lot of fun, they burn a dummy dressed up in Michigan clothes and everyone yells OH-IO the whole time....there were a TON of people there and we stayed till pretty late.

Saturday morning we got up early to start staining the deck. This was probably going to be the last warm-ish weekend for a long time here in Ohio and we couldn't let that thing continue to deteriorate. It was a lot of work because we pretty much had to do the whole thing with a paint brush. I helped Andrew with all of the trim work, his dad was supposed to come over but his grandma had gotten increasingly sick over the course of the week and someone needed to be with her 24/7. After getting all of the trim work done both of us were pretty exhausted (I'll post pics tomorrow because my camera is dead - you'll see why it took so long) and we decided to cook a nice meal and relax. I made mac n cheese from scratch and Andrew cooked up some of our steaks from the cow we bought. It was super good!

Sunday morning we were both up early ready to get the remainder of the deck finished. Andrew got on the computer as always and had an email from his dad that his grandma was doing even worse and that his sister had stayed with her all night. Apparently she had not eaten since Thursday or drank anything, her breathing was labored and her coughing was really bad. They called in Hospice that night and they made her comfortable. By 8:45am on Sunday she was gone and passed peacefully in her sleep with Andrews parents by her side. It was odd simply because she had been sick for so long, about 5 years and everyone was just hoping that she wouldn't have to struggle anymore. She probably weighed no more than 80lbs and 2 years ago when I met Andrew she was still walking and weighed twice that, she really went downhill quickly. There will be a small family memorial for her, but since she donated her body to the OSU Medical School there won't be an actual burial for her till a year from now. She decided to do this after having leukemia and cancer several years ago. She was 92 years old.

Andrew is off at a work training for two days and on Wednesday we'll have Thanksgiving with his family. I have Thursday off but no other days so we'll go to my grandparents that day. This weekend we'll be helping Andrews sister and brother-in-law at there Christmas tree farm - maybe that will help me get into the spirit a little more.

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