Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas re-cap

I cannot believe that its almost the end of 2009 and that Christmas was two days ago! Christmas Eve my parents had their dinner and open house, although it was rather late in the evening we still had a good time having a delicious polish dinner (perogies, fish, green beans, beans and sauerkraut and my moms amazing rolls) and had our gift exchange afterward. I stayed the night at my parents (first time since I've moved out) so that I could be there Christmas morning to open gifts. It was a pretty laid back Christmas this year since my dad still hasn't found work, but we had a nice time none the less.

The rest of Christmas day we spent with Andrew's family, his sister made a fantastic breakfast and we had a "white elephant" gift exchange - only Andrews mom and sister sort of planned who would get what gifts and we didn't steal things from one another.

I also am nearly the proud new owner of a 1993 Volvo 240 (technically its Andrew's car but I'll be driving it in place of my Lumina which I've had since I was 17). It needs some work done which will take Andrew about a month but after that its all mine! Its got 100,000 less miles than my current car and will be much more reliable.

So its back to work for me today till Thursday and it was a lovely snowy start to the work week. I'd say we got at least 5 inches last night, but with the wind and drifting, who knows....but it made my commute to work a pain in the butt and 50 minutes long (it usually takes me 20).

Hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas....any memories you'd like to share?

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