Friday, March 19, 2010

A new day, a new opportunity

As some of you might know, I haven't quite finished my college degree. After several attempts to go back and some personal issues, I needed a break. I needed to work and pay on my loans. I decided after a year or more away from the academic world that now just seemed the time for me to get back into school or at least start thinking about what I was going to do to finish. Transferring didn't seem to be an option since I didn't have much time left to go but I was still unsure of how I would pay since I was out on my own and with my dad not working I was left without a co-signer.

Then I was presented with a fantastic opportunity - Andrews family said they would pay my tuition so that I could finish school! If I can get done and I graduate with good grades, Andrew also promised that we would finally...........GET ENGAGED!!!!! I mean who wouldn't want to finish their schooling if they had all of these things going for them?!?!

If all goes to plan I will be enrolled and taking two classes this summer - which would start June 14th. I could be done as soon as the beginning of winter if everything is offered within that time frame that I need to take (2010 fall/winter classes aren't out yet). My college is going to semesters in 2011 and it would be great if I could get everything completed by then since the schedule for semesters would be totally different. Things are definitely going to be difficult during this time but I just have to do this for myself and for a lot of other reasons!


Stephanie said...

how exciting! :) it must feel great to have that opportunity!

oh, btw, do you know how to set your comments so when it shows up in my email i can reply to your email and not have to come back to your blog and comment? it's really easy and conveinent that you can just hit "reply" and an email is sent in response to your comment. anyway, i'll let you know how if you want!

Unknown said...

Yay! You can do it!

Unknown said...

good luck with school!
just found my way here from the lady bloggers and been having a look around... liking what ive seen so far =)