Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pictures and weekend in review

We finally got our patio furniture on Friday night - got it home at 9:30 and put it together till 11pm - we were going to eat dinner on the deck Saturday night but it got a little windy and chilly.

My Star Magnolia tree is about to bloom any day now. We saw some small ones at Lowes that were already in full bloom but figured they were shipped up here from a warmer state. I can't wait to enjoy all the pretty spring flowers at the house this year!

We went to a new park in Columbus on Sunday - The Scioto Audobon park. It was pretty neat but not done yet so there wasn't as much to see as we thought. We found this neat water tower with viewing platforms and a place to launch the boat but it was nice to be outside and enjoy the warmer weather!

Also this weekend: Andrew started to work on my Volvo, a few other issues were discovered and he had to order another part so it will be another week before its done. My herb seedlings have started to sprout and in a few weeks I should be able to pot them and introduce them to the outside. The diet has been going well - Friday we went out for wings and last night I made shrimp/chicken/veggie kabobs on the grill and brown rice! Tonight we are having Rock Cornish Game Hens in the crockpot!


Krista said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be posting a lot of information about my gardens soon. I spent all weekend in one of them!

I love your pictures by the way. My photography skills are severely lacking! Hope to see you back again soon!

Unknown said...

Love the furniture! I'm glad the diet is going well. All of the food you're cooking sounds delicious. You can cook for me anytime, lol!

Miss. C said...

I love your patio set!!! I am hoping to get a new set this year, but not looking forward to assembling it!

Miss. C said...
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Stephanie said...

i like that furniture! patio furniture is one of my favorite things. we only have a small 2-chair set now because our porch at the apartment is small. can't wait to have a nice set someday that's big enough for more people!