Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More spring

This is my only tulip that bloomed. Something ate the tops off all the other ones and the others I planted in another place just didn't come up all the way.....I was pretty bummed.

One of the bushes by the front door it smells really good when it blooms.

Crab apple tree which also smells wonderful and just looks gorgeous.

I'm glad my dad trimmed this tree up last year. The branches were almost on the ground by the time the crab apples came on - this is my favorite place in the yard. Behind this tree is the magnolia which has already bloomed and got ruined by the wind.


Jessica said...

Tulips...love 'em! We have a few planters full of them on campus and they always look like the perfect little flower. Just gorgeous!

paige said...

Pretty! We have crazy sporadic tulips, too. I keep trying to dig them up but they insist on living and coming up in random places. I'll take some photos and you can pretend they came up in your garden. :)

Unknown said...

Oh! So pretty. I love Spring. These pictures of spring are just breathtaking. Love them so much!

Diane said...

I love the beautiful trees! That is what we are missing in our yard! And your pictures are fabulous!