Saturday, April 10, 2010

Simple silence

*I wrote this on Friday night*

I'm waiting for Andrew to get home so we can go get something to eat.

For once today, I didn't turn on the TV when I got home from work. I got out the laptop, plugged it in and opened my iTunes and found some songs that were kind of quiet and soothing.

I hated country music till college for whatever reason, but now it is so relaxing to me, along with some other songs that always seem to make my mind go to another place.

Watched the cars drive by out the front window and just enjoyed the quiet.

I feel like its been years since I've done this. When I had my apartment in the spring I'd open my window and play music and just lay on my bed and daydream. Sometimes I think I need to be that carefree again, just listening to music and not caring what else is going on. I forgot what an amazing stress reliever this was until just now.

So how do you unwind after a long week?


Kat said...

I love laying out on my couch and catching up on tv and movies!

paige said...

Me and the Bear (my fiance) like to take the poodle and go for a long walk on the weekends. Then I cook...a lot of yummy food. :)

Aleta said...

I love quiet time. This post made me smile. I used to do the same thing at my apartment. Now, though, with a husband who likes to have something on - tv, computer games, radio.... it's not easy to treasure the quiet. Still find time for it. It really is wonderful and we should all find the time. Thanks for this post to remind me of enjoying that part of life :)

Anonymous said...

Well hello there =] Lovely place you've got here, I will be returning soon! (Tea Party Social!)

Ripped Nylon

Deidra Faith said...

Love your blog!! I'll definitely be checking back! And you make me want to turn on the music and just lay on my couch tomorrow...with the windows open! I may have to try that!

mypixieblog said...

I've beeen living alone since October (before then, I rented with my boyfriend) and I've really started to appreciate the quiet times myself. It's nice to play whatever music I like, roll around in pajamas if I want to, cook dinner at my leisure, watch the TV I like, etc... It's funny. I used to hate Country music myself but I've always loved bluegrass and have learned to enjoy Country over the years.

Hope you're having a great week!