Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My very first blog award!!!

So while I was catching up on blog reading from my total weekend lazyness I was over reading at Little Miss Scatterbrained and noticed she had bestowed upon me a blog award! Her blog is great and she writes about a lot of the same things as me: working out, cooking, being a wife (okay I know I'm not married yet but whatever), pets and all kinds of adorable stuff. So per the rules of the award I have to write 10 honest things about myself.

1) There was a girl at my high school with the same name as me, first, middle and last and I used to get called down to the office for her....for skipping classes I didn't even take. It was an awful year for me being accused of getting in fights, skipping school and ripping someones hair out. I almost changed my last name to my mothers maiden name so it would stop.

2) I have one tattoo, its on my right hip and sometimes I forget about it. Its a smiley face from the Bon Jovi CD Have a Nice Day. I want to get another one, but I'm still undecided on what to get.

3) My brother and I were never close till I went off to college, now we hang out a lot and go on double dates and other fun things. We are basically best friends who hated one another for about 15 years.

4) I've dated two diesel mechanics (this includes Andrew) who went to the same tech school just in different states.

5) Secretly I've always wanted to be a country girl and I like country boys and now I really do live in the country. Some of my college friends like to think of me as the redneck of the group, but I have just never been a big city kind of girl.

6) I love to cook and bake but despise cleaning up the mess. Sometimes I beg Andrew to help but most of the time I just do it myself.

7) I've started this gradual vegetarian diet but sometimes I just can't resist eating junk. I know its bad for me, but its just so good. I've been really good about not eating fast food (with the exception of Subway and a salad bar at the grocery store near my work) but this past weekend I really cheated, A LOT and afterward I feel so guilty.

8) I am a worrier (as I've mentioned before) but I'm hoping to start getting over that.

9) I hate bugs, they make summer kind of suck sometimes. Ticks and bees are the absolute worst, along with the giant centipede type bugs we have in our basement sometimes.....they make me want to scream!

10) I love to grocery shop and find good deals: Aldi and Meijer (its kinda like Walmart, but cleaner and I think better quality stuff) are my favorite places to go!

So now to pass the award along to 5 people:

1) Rachel @ If its a hero

2) Stephanie @ The Mrs.

3) Caitlyn @ The other Hairs. No, the other ones.

4) Jessica @ This, That and My Blog

5) Jenn @ Loveletter Typewriter


paige said...

I was with you until giant centipedes. EWW. :)

Stephanie said...

oh thank you! :) i'll do this one tomorrow. and i agree on the bugs during summer. i'm noticing them start to come out of nowhere... i had a ladybug type thing crawling on me in my car this morning! ew!

Brittany said...

I love that you have a Bon Jovi tattoo! He is amazing (I'm a Jersey girl, so I pretty have to love JBJ ;)).

My sister lives in OH right down the road from a big 'ole Meijer - I love that store! Wish they would migrate east.

mypixieblog said...

Congrats on your first blog award!

You know, that's funny. My brother and I weren't friends growing up either (I was three years older and somehow there was just this giant gap in mentality) but now that we're older, we get along so much better. That's sweet that you go on double dates together :)

I hear ya on the summer bugs. Citronella candles alone cannot ward off the giant bugs we have in the summer and it puts such a damper on evenings spent outside with friends and margaritas.