Monday, June 28, 2010

Hi life, its me, can you slow down please?

I feel like I've been in a total fog for the last few weeks. My class has an insane amount of homework and I've been doing a lot for my internship as well. I have read three good sized plays/poems/books in the last three weeks, written two papers, gone on a mini-vacation, done interviews for my internship and I feel like the other parts of life are falling apart around me. We are going out of town again this weekend for a picnic my Pennsylvania family is having and we'll be back on Sunday. Its also our nieces first birthday this week so there will probably be a party for her this weekend. I just keep praying that after this week things will calm down a little (and I'm glad I get Monday the 5th off from school, I need to catch up!)

My house is a disaster area - I cleaned my office space yesterday and the kitchen today but I still feel like its a lost cause.

I feel like I can't to anything with my friends and I haven't seen most of them since Memorial Day weekend.

I'm having sleep issues - I either can't fall asleep (like last night when it stormed) or I can't wake up in the morning.

I still haven't been to the water park or the zoo like I've been wanting to, but I have managed to make time to work out which is good.

I've found myself snapping and people and being crabby because my head is swimming.

I decided today that I'm not going to try and cram so much into everyday now. I'm going to take at least one day a week, even if its just an hour to do something for myself. Does anyone have suggestions?


Sandra said...

Amanda, I have a suggestion. A nap. Nothing to make you face the day like a good afternoon nap. I'm also a student. I have one paper due Wednesday, two more due next Wednesday, and two exams next week. Know what i'm off to do right now? Going to have a nap :)
Just breathe, you are remarkable!

jennifermariefrederick said...

Amanda, I feel like I am in a similar position too. I am feeling completely overwhelmed with working ful-time, running my own business on the side and being the only person that really does any cleaning/cooking/grocery shopping at my house. I just broke down and cried over the weekend. I wish I had some good answers for you, but I think your idea of taking some time for yourself each week is a good idea. I might try that too - an hour at the coffee shop with a good book sounds nice to me. Hang in there!!!

Stephanie said...

Working out/running always is a stress-reliever for me. Either that or a massage... a pedicure... or just watching mindless tv. ;) Hope things slow down for ya!

Brittany said...

O man, sorry to hear that you've been having a rough time. I wonder if you're body is still trying to get used to the new schedule? It may take a couple weeks, and once this schedule feels more "normal", you may be able to sleep better, which should be a big help. Until then, my best advice would be not too stress too much about things like housework and make sure you take a little bit of time each day to just chill. Even it's only 10 minutes, it will make a big difference.

Keep your chin up - things will get better!

Unknown said...

Come to my house. We'll bake chocolate chip cookies mixed with hands instead of a spoon, then we'll dress up in random historical costumes and do our makeup all crazy. 25 is not too old, ha ha.