Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Like oh my god" - annoying popular girls

I was the person in high school, and junior high oh and probably middle school (my very dorky years) who liked to make fun of the popular girls. I think part of the reason I did this was because deep down I kinda wanted to be like them, but at the same time I LOVED the group of people that I hung out with all those years and would not have changed my social circle for the world.

In the 7th grade, I met my making-fun-of-the-popular-girls-soul-mate Caitlyn. She had just moved to my school and we had science together. She was the quiet girl that I always liked to befriend because I was the person who never shut up; I loved to break people out of their shell. We spent a good deal of the next six years of school making fun of the popular girls. We had several "targets" that were in a majority of our classes, Peroxide Boy/Mark (yeah I know not a girl, but he was popular) and Gina a girl who "always wanted to touch his big muscles." Since Caitlyn was a very talented artist she would draw pictures of them, which I still have after all these years. There were even times that some of our teachers made fun of these kids, which to us was the ultimate! They all stayed in our school till we graduated and our little jokes about them went on that whole time.

I wouldn't say that I was totally unpopular during school - I had lots of friends and was super outgoing (I still am today, ya know just in case you wanted to know that). I had friends that were in band, friends that were goth, jocks and theater people. The town I grew up in was pretty upper-middle class and in order to even be popular you needed to meet the following requirements:
  1. Buy all of your clothes at Abercrombie
  2. Have peroxide dyed blonde hair
  3. Play some kind of sport, be a cheerleader or date someone who plays a sport (although I dated a wrestler, it did not help my popularity)
  4. Get your parents to buy you a Mustang or other "cool car" for your 16th birthday
  5. Go to parties with college kids and drink
  6. Go tanning
  7. Attend all school sporting events
  8. Be on the Student Council (also tried this, and it didn't help my popularity but it was fun)
  9. Sit at the cool table during lunch
  10. Skip school and not get in trouble
I guess for me, popularity was not that important although deep down I think all of us pine to be that popular girl for at least one day of our lives.

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Miss. C said...

Did we go to the same high school? Hmmmm....I am from Ohio! The list at our school was just about equal and to think I have my babies going to that school now! UGH!!

Shannon said...

HAHAHA I laughed so hard I snorted. Which Gina? There are 2 I can think of and I think I know which one...just not positive. :D I LOVE THIS POST!!! <3

brainella said...

I wasn't UNpopular, I just didn't care which made me uncool. The horror, right? :) Man, if I knew then what I know now.

Here's to all us non-blonde, cool girls. :)

Amanda said...

My friends and I called the popular crowd "The Doo-Doo Crew" because they acted as if their you-know-what didn't stink. I was sooooo shy that I never cared about being popular...I just wanted to talk to people without breaking into hives. :)

Unknown said...

Oh, those were the days. How I miss Mrs. Henry yelling "FUDGE RIPPLE!" like she was swearing when she got frustrated with us. And Mr. Sharrett, "Playko is the size of the average man during the Civil War." "Where did you get that purse, a Brady Bunch convention?!" Those were good times.

Rachel said...

I did this prompt, too! Good answer. I'm gonna check out more of your blog!

Maureen said...

Awesome list there hahaha! Love your post. I did not make fun of the popular girls back in school but yeah like you said it'd be nice to be popular a day or two ;)

Karen and Gerard said...

I wasn't "popular" but got along okay with everyone except for one girl who picked on me for some reason--never did know why. I didn't care about being popular and didn't want to spend any more time at school than was absolutely necessary. My goal was to try to be the first out at the end of the day.

I used the reunion prompt.

Maya said...

lol i can totally see you and caitlyn together doing this! i was a band geek all. the. way!