Sunday, June 6, 2010

My most hated mode of transportation

I think (or assume maybe) that most people who pay attention to cars like I do probably have a car that they cannot stand. Every guy seems to have a brand preference, Andrew likes Chevy's and most of my brothers friends are on the Ford bandwagon for the moment. I've always loved Mustangs, but I drove a Chevy for 7 years and now just drive a nicer version of the one that I had.

But there is one kind of vehicle I cannot stand (for my own reasons, so please don't be offended by this, its mostly for fun) - VANS!

Now I know that if you have say 3 or more kids this is probably a good vehicle for you, but I don't have kids and even if I did I'd rather drive a nice mid 90's Volvo station wagon before I would be caught dead in a van like the one above or a mini van. A van like this one can seat 8 people, we have no kids, just a dog that doesn't take up much room and we rarely go on any trips.

Whenever I see those big vans I imagine that a kid is puking in the backseat and the mom is yelling as juice cups are being thrown and cheerios grinded into the carpet. I remember my aunt had a van when we were kids and it always smelled like fast food and cigarette smoke and had that gross velvet interior, a built in TV that never worked and mood lighting. We never had a van when I was a kid, we had a big blue Chevy Impala from the late 70's, then a Ford Bronco, Toyota 4 Runner and when I got older a Toyota Land Cruiser. They were all great cars - they could tow a trailer if need be or take a load of mulch home or drive our whole family to Maryland comfortably.

Well unfortunately for me Andrew comes from a family of van lovers and just today he made a "hot deal" on a just like the picture above. I am totally mortified and I don't think I will ever drive it, maybe not even ride in it. The entire interior of the van is covered in stains and smells like puke, rotten food and cigarette smoke. Kids have put stickers all over the door panels inside, spilled every color of juice on it and probably grinded cheerios into the floor too. The windows don't roll up and down right, the doors don't open and close all that great and the smell alone was enough to make me think he wouldn't buy it but he did. Part of me thinks he did it just to spite me......but I can guarantee one thing - you won't be seeing me driving it down the road any time soon!

And although this was meant to be funny, I kinda do hate vans....I know that might make me sound like a snob, but there are plenty of van alternatives.

Is there a vehicle that you hate or wouldn't want to drive?

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Brittany said...

You crack me up! Love this post. I'm kind of indifferent to vans. My family has always had mini vans... so even though I don't love them, I can see their good points :)

The type of car that I cannot stand is definitely Hummers!! I just don't get them at all. They're so large and expensive to fill up. They kind of make me mad.

As for cars that I love? I agree with you 100% about Mustangs. My dream car since I was 14 has been a 1964 Mustang convertible. *drool* One day... :)