Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm still alive

This past week was CRAZY! I started back to school again, and let me tell you, this class is going to be insane. The homework takes me around 2-3 hours to do on average every morning before I go to school. I'm also busy working on several projects for my internship, one of which just went to print and one that is an event that doesn't take place until the spring.

I've also been having major stomach issues recently, sometimes its heartburn, and sometimes it feels like something even worse. Last night was the worst of it and I only slept for 5 hours. Needless to say, I'm exhausted! We did make time for some fun this weekend and went apple picking on Saturday afternoon with some friends.

Yup, that's about 20 lbs of apples. I've got a pie baking in the oven as we speak which I'm sure will be wonderful. There is a great orchard up the road from us that has all different kinds of apples and apple stuff (cider and whatnot) and we also get our pumpkins there.

The weather was perfect this weekend too! Today we went and enjoyed the Steelers game with my mom and dad and they won so that made it even better!!! I'm hoping to get my life back on track this week and post a few blogs I have half written and saved.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, what did you all do?


Sandra said...

Maybe if you bring the teachers some apples, you'll only have one hour of homework?...Yeah, I know, that won't was worth a thought though.
Good luck with your studies. We can do this, ugly cries will get us through!
Great pic by the way!

mypixieblog said...

Mmmmmmm.... LOOOOVE apple pie (especially the smell as it's baking in the oven). Apple/pumpkin picking is a favorite fall activity for me; glad you had the chance to go!

And good luck with your homework!