Thursday, September 23, 2010

You might think she's cute

But this adorable Basset Hound, is capable of mass destruction! Her hound ways always seem to get the best of her. Lets say I need to go outside and water plants, I look for the dog and this is what she is doing:

But her eyes are probably closed and she appears to be pleasantly sleeping. So I go outside for about 15 mintues and come back in to discover this:

She's gotten into the trash, eaten some of it and strew it across the floor. Andrew has even caught her with half of her body inside of the trash can digging around. I probably would have laughed had I seen that, but instead I get to spend the next hour cleaning up the trash, putting it outside, sweeping then mopping the mess off the floor.

I love that dog with all my heart but her snout can get the best of her. She loves to eat trash and occasionally steal food as well. She's been known to eat a whole loaf of bread, box of donuts or container of cookies before someone even realizes what has happened.

So although she is adorable, fun, sweet and loyal her hound-ish ways sometimes get the best of her.

So what is the least likeable trait about your pet? Head on over to Mama Kats and link up or choose another prompt!

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Anonymous said...

She is adorable. My daughter has a chocolate lab that will eat anything that gets left on the counter. They had a friend keep him once and he ate a whole pound of butter off the counter. He ate a whole tube of neosporin once and my SIL left two huge steaks on the counter for about 30 seconds to go start the CD player and when he came back Bo was licking his chops... literally ... and the steaks were GONE. Gotta love 'em.

Thanks for stopping by my place earlier!

Steph @ Professors_Wife said...

Awwww I still love your dog!!! Pets are so sneaky... my housecat likes to play with my shoes - broken shoestrings and lots of claw marks on my favorite cream colored patent leather heels! NO!

Lesley said...

My dog will do the same thing if we leave the pantry door ajar. Makes. Me. NUTS.

mypixieblog said...

Awwwwwwwwwww! What a sweet face!!!

I know all about this. We have a beagle in our family and though my parents currently have custody I have visitation rights and get to see him whenever possible. I love him with all my heart, too, but his nose gets the best of him, too. But you just can't turn down that face ever. LOL--I can totally see your dog with her body halfway into the garbage. I love how she's innocently sleeping, with one eye open, waiting for you to walk out of the house :p SNEAKY!

Miss. C said...

She must be related to my Fred who is also here in Ohio!!! He is bad, bad basset who uses his cuteness to get away with so much!!!!

Leah said...

Stopping by from Mama Kat... I was trying to become a follower of yours but the link isn't working..: (
Anyway, she seriously is super cute but I can understand all the trouble she causes you. Its the biggest reason why I haven't gotten a serious pet yet (I own a betta fish now but he seriously doesn't really count)-they are so much work and depend on you for everything.
Cute pics though..well not the one with all the trash..haha

Ginny Marie said...

She is so cute...but that mess on the floor is definitely not! What a troublemaker! ;)

Kerbi said...

Our Basset Hound would so love to get into the trash! She is too cute!

maggie said...

Hahaha, pets are crazy that way sometimes, huh? Cuteness gets them far, for sure.

Brittany said...

Haha oh my goodness! You need to put the trash can under the sink or something :)

She is pretty cute though!!