Monday, December 13, 2010

Photography play time

I got a lovely Canon Rebel T1i from Andrew's parents for a graduation present. I've always loved taking pictures and I've been eying digital SLR cameras for quite some time. I didn't want something super fancy, just something I could change the lens on and take really crisp photos. I think this camera will be perfect for that! I ordered a Dummies book off Amazon last night to help me learn the in's and out's of how the camera works, but I've been able to figure some things out on my own. Here are a few shots I took today and then edited them in photo-shop.

My sweet little Bessie - she is going to be my subject for these photo trials.
I like the look of the black and white with a slight sepia tint.
I think I like the regular version of this one best, I love the snow on her nose and the little bit stuck to her ears.

We are going to the zoo this weekend for the Christmas lights and I hope to get some good photos there and I'll be sure to share those as well!!!!

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Steph @ Professors_Wife said...

I'm Sooooo jealous of your new camera! Fantastic pics - have fun playing! :D