Friday, January 28, 2011

Things I hate about winter

As a follow up to my previous blog, here are some of the things I despise about this time of year. Yes, I'm aware I live in Ohio and that's all just part of living here, but someday I want to move south.
  1. No one can remember how to drive when it snows.
  2. The car is dirty for months and it drives me crazy.
  3. Meteorologists make every flake sound like its going to create a full blown blizzard.
  4. I love wearing hoodies, but when it so bad that I need that plus a coat, hat and gloves, I'm totally over it!
  5. Coming home from running errands and the bottom of your jeans are wet and cold.
  6. Not being able to wear heels because I'm afraid I'll slip and fall.
  7. After Christmas, who really wants to keep seeing snow?
I seem to be over winter more this year than others and I'm not sure why. Its really only fun when you're a kid and you go out to play in the snow or get school canceled because of it. Now as an adult you have to worry about getting to work or wherever you need to go on time, cleaning off your car and driveway and dressing warm enough.

I'm excited for spring to come :) What do you hate about winter?

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Unknown said...

I hate the wet, salty, icky bottom of my pants! I used to wash them after EVERY wear to get rid of it, but now I don't bother, they just get grungy in 2 seconds anyway!