Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Update

So I've survived my first two weeks of being back in the working world. I'm still in training until the end of March most likely and I'm still learning a lot! Working in a hospital is a lot different than any other job I've had. Tomorrow I'm working my first 12 hour shift (I've never worked one in my life) and I'm working this weekend, but I get Thursday and Friday off which is nice.

As far as the rest of my life, well its been pretty darn boring. I have been trying some new recipes which I hope to post about soon and I finally got caught up on all my cleaning and laundry yesterday. Today I took a little break and we drove out to Battelle Darby Park to see the Bison they have there. I'll try and get the pictures up sometime this week.

I've also been busy with my volunteer work, helping get a newsletter off the ground and planning the fundraiser gala Live & Silent Auction. We are also going to the Motor City Casino as part of an awards ceremony for Andrews work March 12th & 13th so that is something fun to look forward too. Sorry for my lack of blogging and commenting but I promise to get back on track soon!!

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Amanda said...

Well, it doesn't sound like your life has been boring! Here's to the hopes that that 12 hour shift goes by quickly.