Thursday, February 17, 2011


Please excuse me if I'm a little bit absent from commenting on blogs/blogging.

I started my job on Monday and the training is hectic. I have never worked in the health care field before and I'm mentally exhausted from all there is to learn. Today we have a test to take and then we learn how to use the computer programs such as the email, intranet and online learning guides.

I'm in training until Tuesday and then I start shadowing another person with my job title until the beginning of March then I'm on my own!

I hope that everyone has a great rest of the week and weekend - I'll try to write something up on Sunday and get to commenting on some blogs!


Unknown said...

Yay! Your job sounds great! My job is not that exciting. For example, I'm sitting here and it's first period and the kids I'm supposed to tutor haven't shown up. Fun for me!

Also, yesterday I was sitting in here (I'm in the media center) and I saw this girl walking towards me that looked exactly like you for a minute. It was the weirdest feeling, like going back in time, lol.

Amanda said...

Well, you're forgiven and it sounds like the job is just the challenge that you've been wanting. Good luck!

The Constant Complainer said...

I hope you are enjoying your weekend and that the first week of the new job went well.