Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Do I seem old to you?

I don't go out during the week anymore nor do I drink other than Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

I think that bars are too loud and hate going to "clubs" downtown. There is one bar that I like to go to but not on a regular basis. Plus its cheaper to just stay at home.

I dress more for comfort and practicality than I do to show off to other people.

I own house slippers.

I watch the news at 5:30am and 10:00pm pretty consistently.

I watch the weather channel/weather radar channel. Also recently my boyfriend purchased a Weather Channel weather station thing for our house.

I talk about "young people these days" and how they dress and act.

I clip coupons, complain about food being wasted and only buy things that are on sale.

I can and freeze vegetables, own matching tablecloths and place mats and have an extensive glassware collection.

Do all of these things make me old or am I just different?!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

We're old. Ha ha. I was going down your list and saying 'yes, yes, yes' for a lot of that stuff (buying things on sale, staying in because it's cheaper, complaining about 'young people'). Ha ha, it was bound to happen to us eventually!