Thursday, May 5, 2011

Saving money, one coupon at a time

I've always been a reality TV junkie, but lately I've been hooked on one particular show and I can't get enough....


I am TOTALLY OBSESSED and never miss an episode. I have also decided that I want to become an extreme couponer or at least start saving even more money on food. As I've started planning this wedding and looking at our finances, I'm realizing I need to start saving a lot more money to have the simple but nice wedding of my dreams. If I can really get into this, I'm hoping to take all the money I save on food and put it into an account for the wedding. I always remember my mom clipping coupons when I was a kid but never remember her matching the coupons with store sales or anything that extreme.

I started out by joining a few coupon sites that are free and getting a subscription to the Sunday paper where most of the coupons are found. I also started a Meijer Perks account (our nicer version of Walmart in case you don't have Meijer where you live) and those discounts will work along with a coupon. I'm also going to grow a garden this summer which I'm hoping will save us some money on fresh produce - along with my canning and freezing I think we'll be well on our way to a lower grocery bill.

I don't plan on starting a stockpile like a lot of people on the show but maybe I'll be able to make a $75 grocery bill $10 or get some of my more expensive purchases for free. I never imagined I'd be getting into "extreme couponing" but I think it will be fun!!

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