Monday, July 11, 2011

My family is my heart

My mom and I just spent the last three days a half hour outside of Pittsburgh visiting her family. It was probably one of the best trips out there in years! On Friday we had lunch with my god-parents/my mom's brother, his wife and their daughter. We talked about wedding stuff, enjoyed some wonderful food and beautiful weather.

Saturday my mom's sister took us to some adorable consignment and vintage stores. It was so hard to resist the temptation of spending my entire paycheck, but I did manage to find a really cute top and bracelet. That evening all of my cousins and their kids, my uncle and his wife joined us for a cookout and it was a blast! I really miss my family there and we don't get to do things like this often enough. My second cousins have grown up right before my eyes and its neat to see the little adults they are becoming. We laughed till we cried, shared family stories and wondered where the time has gone.

I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful (and big) extended family. Although my brother and I are a lot younger than most of my cousins, at the age I am now I don't really notice the difference.

With almost all of my cousins - but these are the girls who've always been close.

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Unknown said...

Big families are awesome! I loved growing up with a ton of cousins (23 total, I think, but I'm older than most of them, 3rd oldest on both sides)! Something else that's even more fun is to see my kids play with their cousins!