Monday, August 8, 2011

summer weekend and why I adore my daddy

This weekend was a good one! I had to work till 11:30 on Friday night but that didn't stop me from having lots of fun on Saturday.

In the morning we went to an auction about 25 minutes from our house, there was something for me and Andrew (tools, guns and glassware). I was able to score some great finds including one complete set of vintage Pyrex refrigerator dishes, a pressure cooker/canner and a folk art picture. Andrew got some tools and various box lots of what I would call junk. We headed home afterward and I got ready to head to my church festival. I was in charge of taking pictures for the festival website and Facebook page. My dad is in a band and they played at the festival, so I was excited to get some pictures of him as well. How many average girls can say their dad can really jam on the guitar?! My dad is pretty much the reason that I love music so much

Sunday I was hell bent on cleaning and reorganizing my kitchen, but then making another mess by starting on my canning. I did manage to get my cleaning items, pots and pans and food storage containers all moved into more suitable cabinets. I also got the floors cleaned but that was about it. I made two batches of pickles, one dill and one bread and butter. I've also got today off so I'm going to get the rest of my house cleaned up, and maybe made some home-made salsa.

What did you do this weekend!?

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Jessica @ My Simply Complicated said...

WOOHOO! Nothin' like a day off on a Monday!

Those pickles look yummy! I've never tried my hand at canning alone, but I've helped my mom can hot sauce before. It's definitely a long process, but so worth it!