Thursday, December 1, 2011

home progress and christmas decorations

For the first time I really feel like Andrew and I are adults, we finally got new living room furniture last week and its really been amazing. We had a couch that his sister gave us and it was literally falling apart. The side where Andrew normal sits was caving in and the side where I sat had an armrest that was falling off. The loveseat was in okay shape, but we hardly used it because it was really uncomfortable.

We had been to every furniture store in Columbus and finally found something we both agreed on that was a price we could afford. I'm still getting used to having such nice furniture and I think Andrew is too. We're using our same TV stand and end/coffee tables as well as lamps since thankfully they all still match.

Andrew has also tirelessly been working on the third level of our four level split and its really coming along. The ceiling is all painted and no longer yellow. The new drywall is primed for paint (a blue gray that we both like) and we still need to shop the carpet price at a few more stores. We also installed a new back door this summer since the other wasn't insulated/let in tons of cold air and painted the walls in the mud room a pale yellow. We'll be using this room as Andrews office/lounge area when its all completed.

We jumped the gun a little this weekend and bought a piece of furniture for said room as well, an art deco curio cabinet that we've made into a liquor cabinet. Its currently in the living room (and I sort of wish it was going to stay there because I love it so much) and I really like how everything is displayed inside. Of course, this might be something we need to get rid of when we have kids, but for now its something nice and adult for us.

I also got out most of my Christmas decorations this weekend and found myself feeling very sentimental. I have the nativity my mom used to put out when we were little, our advent calendar from childhood and some neat pieces I've picked up myself along the way.

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Unknown said...

It looks great! I wish I could come over and see it in person!