Monday, July 30, 2012

accomplishments and excitement

I finally feel like I checked a lot of things off the wedding list this weekend!  We met with the priest on Saturday morning and went over all the readings, which version of the traditional vows we were going to use (and we're memorizing them so we don't have to repeat after him), bought and ordered Andrews wedding band, got all of the invitations done and ready to mail, too bad we were one book of stamps short to get it all done!

I also spent most of Sunday cleaning the house because my cousin and her husband are coming from Pennsylvania this coming weekend to stay with us.  We've had people stay the night here before but not for an entire weekend so I'm super excited.  We have lots of fun things planned to do with them while they're here, going out on the boat, taking them to one of our favorite small town fairs and hopefully a truck and tractor pull as well.

Though I have been really stressed out about all of the planning and DIY projects, this has been a really fun time in my life.  I still have A LOT of projects to get done: making the signs to direct people to the reception, making cookies, figuring out how to make this tissue paper pom-poms I saw in my Martha Stewart magazine, meeting with vendors one last time, making sure my seamstress is cranking along with the bridesmaid dresses and in a month I am having my bachelorette party!  I need to keep reminding myself not to get so stressed out but sometimes that is really hard!

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