Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So What Wednesday

It's time for "So What Wednesday" again and here is what I'm saying "So What" to this week!

So what.....

That I just realized I am 52 days away from my wedding and there is so much to be done!
That all I can think about is cutting off my hair that's taken me a year to grow past my shoulders. I love it but man is it so much work!
If I still haven't put all the gifts away from my bridal shower, I've been so unmotivated.
That after organizing my basement about three weeks ago,it's a hot mess again.  I needed a place to store all of this wedding stuff and it will only be down there for a few more months.
If I haven't weeded my flower bed or garden in a few weeks.  Andrew's going to take care of that for me :)
That I am obsessed with my new pots and pans, I get so excited to cook dinner because my pans are so much easier to clean!  I will never buy non-stick again!
That I am ready for fall so I can cook in the crockpot all the time, watch football with my dad, freeze apples and corn and make all things pumpkin!

That I am unmotivated to workout at night because I'd rather be watching the Olympics and Andrew hasn't hooked up cable to the TV by my treadmill in the basement.  I think its a pretty legit excuse!

So what are YOU saying to what to this week?  Link up over at!


Brittany said...

I so hear you about fall!! It's my absolute favorite season.

Congrats on your upcoming wedding! September is so close! I know what you mean about still having a ton to do - I feel like there will so many little things that I didn't even think about in the last couple months. Planning is so fun, though (even when it gets stressful!). Super exciting :)

Rachel said...

I'm SO excited for fall. But the reality that baby boy will be here then has totally hit me. So I'm not quite ready for fall yet :P Ha!