Saturday, July 7, 2012

the barn

There is a barn that sits on the property next to Andrew's sisters house.  Its been in disarray for as long as I've been dating Andrew and its a great barn to photograph.  We keep expecting that the next storm will blow it right over, but its still standing, a little worse for wear each time.

Spring 2010

Fall 2011 - Probably the best photo I've personally taken in a long time

A stormy summer day in 2012

The last two I took just this past weekend, when it was hazy and hot late in the afternoon and a rain storm was rolling in.

I've found that I'm much better at taking photos of barns, animals, flowers and scenery then people but I imagine with time I'll improve.

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Unknown said...

I love that one from Fall 2011! You should get a print and frame it for your house! Some day when I have a house to decorate I'll have to get a copy from you.