Thursday, July 5, 2012

Its Okay Thursday

Since I missed So What Wednesday/forgot that it was Wednesday because a midweek holiday totally threw me off - I'm participating in Its Okay Thursday instead!

Its Ok Thursdays

So here is what I'm saying "Its Okay" to this week:

Its Okay.....

that I still had Halloween and Christmas decorations in a hot mess in my basement till yesterday.

that I haven't worked out in a hot minute because I've been so busy/tired.

that I must keep reminding myself that this wedding shouldn't be the cause of all my stress.

that I am so excited for my bridal shower in just three weeks. Mostly because I get to see my family and eat a ton of super yummy food!

that I've been pretty moody lately and super indecisive, I know I'm driving Andrew crazy but I hope he understands that I don't mean anything by it at all!

that my mother is driving me CRAZY because I know in the end she means well and wants what is best for me.

that I sometimes wonder why Andrew and I didn't elope, right?!

So what are you saying "Its Okay" to this week? Link up over here -


Unknown said...

Weddings always seem to cause a pile of stress :( That's exciting you have yuor bidal shower coming up! Have you been registry stalking ;) ?

Amber said...

Ahhh, I haven't worked out lately either. I'm so tired after work!

The wedding stuff sounds fun, I hope you can enjoy yourself instead of stress! :) It'll be worth it in the end, I'm sure!!

Thanks for linking up girl!

Unknown said...

That's the question all engaged couples have asked themselves since the beginning of time. If you decide to do Vegas instead, swing by and visit me! Ha ha. I can just imagine your mom's reaction if you did.

Alyssa said...

I won't lie, I've thrown the idea of eloping around a time or two. Not that I'm engaged or even dating but I've definitely thought about it for when I am engaged some day.