Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wedding project update - one more month!

I've FINALLY been accomplishing things on my wedding to-do list and even added a few things, here's an update!

  • Pick up Andrews wedding band.  Check to make sure my band doesn't need re-sized.  His ring looks awesome and it fits perfect, I'm glad that he found something he liked because he is so picky!
  • Find someone to do my hair and makeup (I've got several places to call, two are off the list because they are too expensive).  I found someone to do my hair this morning and have a trial run on Saturday morning!!!!!  AHHHH I'm so excited!!!!!!!
  • Book our hotel room for the wedding night.
  • Make tissue paper pom-poms to hang around the tent.  I've got the supplies but I haven't started making them yet since I'm working on the favor bags.
  • Make the mailbox for the cards.  I've delegated this to my dad who is super artistic!
  • Set up a time to meet with the girls from my mom's work who have volunteered to serve food, alcohol and keep the day moving along without a hitch!
  • Make sure that my dad books the dance floor.  I know he's working on it!
  • Book the Porta Potties - you'll love this one the place is called King John - Your Throne Away from Home......hahahahaha
  • Purchase my undergarments and shoes.  We're doing that this weekend
  • Make my three batches of cookies for the reception cookie table.
  • Get all of the items needed to make the favor bagsI've started making the bags, so even more progress!  I've got about 35 out of the 135 that I need completed!
  • Check on the progress of the bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses (all of them are being made by a family friend and my mom).  Check, the bridesmaids dresses are almost done and my mom has all three of the other dresses started.
  • Adjust the date for the bachelorette party if possible!  We are having it on September 1st now since one of my bridesmaids can't come next weekend when we had planned the party!
  • Meet with my mom and dad to go over the final to-do list.  Did it this weekend and I feel so much better about things!
  • Buy colored cupcake papers for the wedding cupcakes.
  • Clean out the deep freeze to make room for wedding cookies.
And here is a sneak peak of the favor bag making process!!
It feels so good to accomplish something!!


Jamie said...

You're making great progress!

Unknown said...

Glad that you're moving forward! I love crossing things off of to-do lists.