Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Review

My three day weekend didn't really feel like an extended weekend at all!  Friday we went down to the courthouse to get our marriage certificate and came back home to hang out for the afternoon.  It was hot and neither one of us wanted to do much of anything. We went out to dinner that night at Tumbleweed and came home to watch the Olympics (which we've been doing A LOT).
Saturday morning we decided to go to an auction at the last minute but didn't stick around long, again because of the heat.  I did manage to score two boxes of bottles and old jars for the wedding for $4 each as well as some kids glass milk bottles and a nice platter for my mom.  I was proud of myself for not spending a ton of money, its hard to resist the temptation.  We came home and took a nap (rare for both of us) and spent another lame night at home drinking and watching the Olympics......we are 90 in case you didn't know.  I also FINALLY got to use my Kitchenade that I got for a shower gift and made a chocolate zucchini cake to take to work.

Sunday I made my traditional huge breakfast complete with some way too salty bacon (yuck), pancakes and scrambled eggs.  I ran errands while Andrew did his manly things in the garage for most of the morning/afternoon.  We eventually made it to one of our favorite fairs later in the afternoon.  I was proud of myself for resisting most of the fried food but did treat myself to a coke ICEE and some french fries (no salt, only ketchup).  We stuck around for the figure 8 truck and bus races which were a blast and enjoyed a pretty summer drive home with the windows down.  Thankfully a cold front came through and it wasn't super hot.

Before the start of the race, I've never seen anything like this!

This guy flipped over just a few laps into the race.  Don't worry, he was okay!
The jerk in this red car was trying to run everyone off their spot on the track and he got smashed to pieces!
Love this fair!


Jamie said...

I love Sunday breakfast! What a fun weekend. New follower!

Brittany said...

Yay for the marriage license! Sounds like a fun and productive weekend :)