Monday, September 3, 2012

19 more days....AHHHH!!!

This weekend was all about the wedding to do list, and maybe a little bit of time for relaxation.  So what did I get done (for those who are interested) well, here you go!

  1. Got all of my favor bags made FINALLY!
  2. Deadheaded and weeded the wedding flowers we grew again at Andrews parents farm, probably the first time we need to do this.
  3. Put all of the broaches on wire for my broach bouquet, now my mom will arrange them into the bouquet since it took 6 hours to do the first part......long day to say the least.  It was a good thing we had Kahlua and coffee as well as two good friends helping to make it through the afternoon.
  4. My grandma finished the flower crowns that the flower girls will be wearing for the wedding.
  5. I made two of the four batches of cookies I'm making for the wedding and got them in my deep freeze, after I spent a good deal of time cleaning my deep freeze (new hated household task).
  6. Got my bridesmaids gifts in the mail.
  7. Got the ties for the groomsmen and for Andrew.
  8. Deligated the task of making our congratulations sign for the reception.
  9. Counted all of the RSVP's and realized that only about a dozen people haven't sent theirs back, but they are all people my mom can contact while I'm on my work trip.  
  10. Bought trays for the cookies and looked for colorful papers for the cupcakes only to find that the party store and Joann's were sold out of both silver and pink......oh well!
The whole weekend wasn't super productive or wonderful though, my grandpa had a bad few days and when I arrived at my mom's this morning I slammed the trunk of my car between my eyes and cut my nose open.  I really hope it heals by the wedding and that I don't have a scar.  I'm leaving for work for five days on Friday and before I go I need to try and make a few more batches of cookies and get some things organized. 

I had a bit of an emotional breakdown today between slicing my face open (exaggeration of course), seeing my grandpa having a bad day and thinking about EVERYTHING that needs to get done....I never thought a wedding would be this stressful and sometimes its really hard to take a deep breath and realize that everything will work itself out!

I may be a little MIA this week and next but I'll try to post when I can!


Rachel said...

Ohhh girly. Don't let all the stress bring down your big day! Just focus on what's important - you and your (almost) husband!! :) Get used to hearing that! He'll be your husband son enough :)

K said...

Glad you guys got some stuff done. Always good to cross things off the to do list.

callie ;) said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! i'm now following you and can't wait to read more. congrats on having a productive weekend! :)