Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So What Wednesday


It's time for another edition of So What Wednesday and boy do I have A LOT to say this week!

So What.....

~ If I've been wearing a band-aid on my forehead for the last three days, thanks car trunk for putting a gash between my eyes three weeks before my wedding!!!

~ If I've had several emotional meltdowns this week, um hello I'm going out of town for work for 5 days and my wedding is less than three weeks away!

~ If I'm more excited about my honeymoon than anything else right now because I just need some quiet relaxation.

~ If I haven't been sticking to working out and being healthy (okay maybe I shouldn't say so what to that, but its been really tough lately)

~ If I'm obsessed with having a sun roof on my car, now if it would just stay cool and not so humid in Ohio I would love it even more.

~If I have a another new addiction, French Press Coffee....amazing!!!!!!!

What are you saying So What to this week?!


Unknown said...

I hope your head if better before your wedding!! :)


Shelli said...

I love a sun roof too! Congrats on getting married in 3 weeks. Your honeymoon will be wonderful after all the wedding stress is over!

Jamie said...

The relaxation of the honeymoon is the perfect end to the wedding stress!

Rachel said...

Lady - no worries about your head. I'm sure it will heal before the wedding! :)

And yeah, you def need a vacay! :) It will be SO worth it when its here! :)

Aleta said...

Take a deep breath, you're wedding is going to be beautiful. YOU are going to be a beautiful bride! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see the wedding pictures :)