Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 in review

Well, its that time again, time to recap the year that was 2012 and look forward to 2013.

The biggest events of 2012:

January: I became obsessed with Pinterest and used it to plan my entire wedding.

February: We bought a truck and sold our scary van.  We celebrated our four year anniversary.  Our downstairs office was finally renovated and I learned how to crochet.  My second niece was born.

March: I left my hospital job and started a new one at a non-profit where I could actually begin to use my degree.  I was away from Andrew for a whole week for the first time since we moved in together while he went to Texas for work.  My grandpa had been in cancer treatment for a year and things weren't looking good.

April: My dad lost his job for the second time in five years.  We attended our pre-cana classes for the wedding.  Our spare bedroom got a makeover with an antique bed and some redecorating.  I left my volunteer work position after two years and although it was hard, it was the right thing to do.

May: I turned 27 and we had our annual Memorial Day party, which was a blast.  I got really hardcore into wedding planning and my maid of honor and I picked dates for the shower and bachelorette party.  Andrews mom and I selected all of the flowers we would be growing for the wedding.

June: We planted the flowers for the wedding and despite the drought we were determined that they would grow.  I got my wedding dress out of layaway.  

July: We made it to the halfway point with our marital counseling at church and the wedding plans were really starting to come along.  I had the most wonderful bridal shower imaginable and felt so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life. I mailed out all of our wedding invitations late in the month and anxiously awaited the return of the RSVP's.

August: Andrew bought me my 2005 Honda Accord and we sold our 1992 Volvo 240.  I had my hair trial, figured out my wedding accessories and booked half of our honeymoon.  My grandma's sister came from Florida to help take care of my Grandpa as his health started to fail even more.

September: This was the best and worst month of the entire year.  My grandpa was put into hospice at the beginning of the month.  I went to Washington DC for work, the trip was stressful, emotional and awful and I could not wait to get home. I had my bachelorette party when I got back which was a really nice distraction and a great time with my friends. By the time I got back my grandpa was in end stage hospice and my wedding was two weeks away.  On the 22nd we got married at noon, on the 27th around 2pm, my grandpa died.  We cut our honeymoon in Kentucky short to come home.

October: I started off the month with my grandpa's funeral and that same week Andrew turned 30.  I wanted to do a lot for his birthday but I was an emotional wreck and we were broke as a joke.  At the end of the month we go our first cat Bradley from Cat Welfare and my dad turned 56.

November:  Andrew got a tooth infection and had to get a root canal.  I finally cut my hair after spending 18 months growing it out for the wedding.  We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family and my brother went in contract on a house.

December: We prepared for our first Christmas together as a married couple and it was a good one, filled with laughter and lots of wonderful memories.  We also completed another room in our house (the downstairs mud room) and in the spring we will be putting in a second bathroom.

Looking back through all my pictures on Facebook I realized that we didn't do much this year, I blame the wedding, starting a new job and my grandpa being sick but in 2013.....

We're going to Hocking Hills for an extended weekend, I'm going to see Bon Jovi with my mom for the sixth time, we might be going to the beach and plan to get out on the boat a lot more, I'm hoping we get a lot more accomplished with the house and start planning to expand our family :)

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Rachel said...

Woo hoo for planning to expand your family! ;) 2012 was a busy year for you. I'm sure you're going to have a great 2013.