Tuesday, December 11, 2012

two weeks of no sleep and root canals

For the last two weeks, my darling, adorable husband has not been sleeping.  He's had a tooth infection and has been a hot mess.  It all started when our now former dentist went to fill a cavity and went too far into the tooth, causing damage to the root and an infection.

He finally had a root canal yesterday and is pretty much back to normal today but let me tell you these last two weeks have not been much fun.  We missed out on a party this weekend because neither of us had been sleeping, I've been sleeping in bed alone (which was nice at first then a little strange) while he's been downstairs in his recliner.  But I've learned a lot of interesting things about the nocturnal activities that go on around our house in the process. 

You remember this guy?!  Our sweet new kitty Bradley, well apparently at night he turns into a crazed maniac.  From the time we normally go to bed at 10pm until about 2am he runs up and down the stairs, carries around my hair ties, swats his toys up and down the basement stairs and then passes out.  I imagine something like this must go on when Brad and Andrew are alone.

I already knew about the strange things the dog does in her sleep, dreaming, howling, rustling around but apparently the cat is far more entertaining.

I would also like to take this time to tell everyone that Andrew and I are sort of the unofficial neighborhood watch dogs.  Living out in the country and being the second youngest people on our little court means that we try to look out for others around us.  Andrew saw some suspicious activity going on around our neighborhood and kept an eye on things while he wasn't sleeping.  Thankfully we didn't witness any actual crimes but there has been some vandalism in our area recently.

Other things that came from two weeks of restless nights:

~ All the clocks in the house are synched up for once
~ The DVR is far less full that normal, which is a win since all my fave addicting reality TV shows are back on
~ Pain is often worse at night because you have nothing else to think about
~ Vicodin makes Andrew really hungry thus night time eating and a pile of dirty dishes in the morning

It was really strange to sleep in a bed with someone other than the cat last night, but I am so glad that he is feeling better.  I also never again want to hear in complete detail what came out of his tooth and how the doctor talked about the infection....sick, sick, sick!!!!


Unknown said...

Gross! I'm glad he's feeling better!

Your cat is just running up and down the stairs after fnords. They are also nocturnal!

Rachel said...

I'm glad to hear Andrew is feeling better! And ya know, since I've been sleeping downstairs on the couch with Ari lately I've realized that our two cats are crazy a-holes lol. They are maniacs and SO loud at night!