Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A somewhat uneventful long weekend

Normally, Memorial Day weekend is busy for us.  For the last three years, we have had a cookout on Saturday but this year we skipped our tradition.  Being paid once a month at my new job has been a tough adjustment, I've been super busy with work and far too worn out for a really good housecleaning (which needs done so badly). 

Friday night my brother and his wife had a bonfire so we headed over after a lovely dinner at our favorite local diner, The Nutcracker. 

Saturday morning I headed to some garage sales with my sister in law while Andrew worked on prepping the diesel engine to go back into the truck.  When I got home, after a day of finding great bargains, I cleaned up and headed to a little get together with my college friends.  Andrew decided to stay home since he needed to cut the grass and finish the engine prep.

Sunday morning I cleaned while Andrew and his brother got the engine into the truck.  I did take a break to snap some photos.

Pushing the diesel out of the garage.

Getting everything aligned

Almost back in the truck.
Later in the afternoon, we headed up to the north side of Columbus for a dinner at Bravo's for my birthday with Andrew's family.  It was delicious (I had the field greens salad and lasagna) and we headed back to Andrew's parents for dessert afterwards. 

Monday I was determined to get the rest of my veggies planted and get my errands run and I did!  I bought the rest of my plants and got my tomatoes into their pots and finished up my hanging baskets.  I didn't do much else, I've been exhausted today for some reason so I bathed the dog, did the laundry and watched way too much bad TV.

I hope that you and yours enjoyed the long weekend - here's to the start of summer!

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Jamie said...

Sounds like a busy weekend!