Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend in Review

My weekend started early this week, despite my denial, I got the upper respiratory sickness that has been floating around at work.  I tried going into work on Thursday and ended up leaving early, around 11 and coming home to sleep.  Friday morning, I woke up and made another attempt to go to work but I was coughing so hard and feeling so awful that I couldn't bring myself to get ready for the day.  I called in sick again and spent the day trying to rest while doing a few little things around the house that didn't take much energy.  By Friday night I was starting to feel a lot better and when Andrew got home from work, we decided to go out for an early dinner so he could get home and cut the grass.

Saturday we were up with the sun to head to some garage sales, which were disappointing and after only an hour of driving around in the misting rain, we gave up.  We headed up to Andrew's parents that day to visit with everyone since we had not been able to go up last weekend.  Andrew and his dad did some messing around together most of the day and his mom and I separated the dahlia bulbs that we dug up from the wedding.  Of course, I forgot them and I'll have to wait till this weekend to get them and bring them home to plant.  We didn't get home till 8pm on Saturday night and ordered a pizza on our way back and ate on the deck.  We saw about 10 hummingbirds on our pink blooming bushes (I have no idea what they are called despite trying to find them in my gardening books) which prompted me to remember to get out my hummingbird feeder.

Sunday we did our typical cook a nice breakfast, watch the news, make grocery list and then go to the grocery store routine.  I've really been in a cooking mood lately and LOVE that it's warm enough to use the grill again!  I have two grill dinners planned for the week and I'm already excited about them!  Once we got home, we headed over to visit with my grandma and then came back to cook steaks and baked potatoes on the grill, which were delicious! After our early bird dinner, we headed over the Lowes to get some plants and I was disappointed by the selection this year.  I might need to hit up another garden store to find the things they did not have.

Things shouldn't be as busy at work this week, though I do have some catching up to do from being sick.  I'm glad that my first big event went well last Wednesday, despite a few small issues that were out of my control.    

Hope that everyone had a great weekend and has a great week!

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Unknown said...

I'm so jealous of you! I wish I knew how to plat things and have them grow. I also wish I had a grill! I hope you're feeling better and I'm glad your event went well!