Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

I had been looking forward to this past weekend for a while.  My husband works for a large company and his region had won for best in the nation and they had planned a party to celebrate the win.  The area had not won the award since Andrew started working there so we didn't know what to expect.  Thankfully we didn't have to travel far since the event was held at the convention center in downtown Columbus, just a short 25 minute drive from our house.  We decided to stay at the hotel and my parents kept the dog for the weekend.  There were three hotels with bookings for the event and we stayed at the brand new Hilton, just across the street from the convention center.  The room was great (I didn't take any pictures as we weren't in there very long), but I was disappointed that we didn't have a view to the outside. We headed down to the convention center at 6:15 with the 3,000 other people who were in attendance.

Dinner was served shortly after and though the food was good, the lines were long and things were a little disorganized.  I'm not sure how they could have done things better though.  After dinner they had a comedian/impersonator take the stage and we were far from impressed.  Though he was funny, the set was just a bit too much and a little annoying to say the least.  Once that wrapped up we had the option of attending the fake casino or watching the dueling pianos, we opted for the latter.  Andrew was happy to have my 4 drink tickets and we watched the performers for the rest of the night.  Things wrapped up at midnight and we headed back to our room for some sleep.  I however did not sleep that night thanks to pregnancy heartburn.  
The dueling pianos, they were awesome!

The Beatles super set at the end of the night.

I should have had someone take our picture, these are not that good.

My silly face didn't work out.
Sunday morning a breakfast was provided for everyone as well as tickets for food at the Columbus Jazz & Rib Fest.  We didn't want to hang out downtown all day so we had breakfast, visited with the mechanics from other regions and headed down to get our food to go.  We took it back to my parents house to eat for lunch when we picked up the dog.  That afternoon, though I was dead tired, I helped my brother can some of his cucumbers into pickles and we also canned his hot peppers.  He grew a huge garden this year and I think was a little overwhelmed with the amount of vegetables he had come on so quickly. 

Pickles and hot peppers.
And on the agenda for this week, well nothing too exciting.  I'll post a 14 week bump-date tomorrow (things are going well) and I'm working on a guest post for another blog.  I also have meetings at work and a meeting for the church festival I volunteer for which is just two weeks away.  Hope that everyone had a great weekend!

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