Monday, May 19, 2014

And then my heart exploded

Jeanette is almost four months old and getting cuter and more fun by the day!  She recently started rolling over, laughing, squealing and screaming.  She's also getting better at grasping toys and can really recognize her family. 

I work late two nights a month so I don't get home till close to 8pm on those days.  They are tough because I'm away from my baby girl for about 12 hours so when I get home I want to smother her in kisses and cuddles.

When I got home last Tuesday she was rolling around on her play mat and Andrew was on the floor with her.  Sometimes she doesn't remember that she can roll back onto her back once she rolls onto her tummy.  I flipped her back over since she was fussing and when she saw me she literally squealed with delight.  I really thought my heart was going to explode. 

Seeing her at the end of a long day is amazing, but realizing that she recognizes me makes it even more awesome. 

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