Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Lovely Saturday

This past weekend Andrew and I headed up north of our house to visit with his parents as well as his great aunt who is in a nursing home.  On the way back from the nursing home, we stopped for a walk at a new park near his parents house.  Shale Hollow Preserve Park is located in Delaware County, just north of Columbus, Ohio.  The park opened in December of 2013, but we didn't go to the opening since I was 8 months pregnant.

Part of the reason we have been so excited to go to this park is that part of the property once belonged to Andrew's paternal grandparents.  His dad grew up there and in the summer Andrew and his siblings would stay with them and play in the very creek where we hiked around on Saturday afternoon.  The weather was gorgeous and since my sister-in-law had told me the trails weren't exactly stroller friendly, I popped Jeanette in the Baby Bjorn and she promptly passed out.  

The park was very peaceful and pretty, there was one other family there when we started out on our walk so the quiet was nice.   

Shale Cliffs

Part of a concretion left in the shale cliff

More concretions, these are ancient formations.
Andrew's grandpa used to take a front end loader and dig them out.

The beautiful creek.

The only disappointment of the park was that I didn't get to see the sections of the creek where Andrew got to play as a kid, but according to the park website, there will be an expansion of the park coming in the next year or so.  I'm excited to see what other features they add and to one day be able to take Jeanette to play in the creek and explore once she's big enough to run around.   

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