Tuesday, August 5, 2014

stopping time

Watching this little girl sleeping on my chest is one of the sweetest parts of being a mother.
She's so very sweet with her eyes closed and those long eyelashes brushed onto her face.
Her little mouth twitches as she falls into a deeper sleep and she will occasionally snore.
I wish that I could freeze time for a few hours or a few days and just hold onto this amazing 6 month old girl and imagine what she's dreaming about.
Sure it's impossible to get anything done with a baby sleeping on your chest, but it's also wonderful.
My heart hurts to think that one day she won't be this tiny, that she won't be able to sleep on my chest.
She has grown so much in 6 months, she's doubled in weight and just keeps getting longer by the minute.
But she has always been a snuggle bug and to me, this is one of her finest traits.
I never want to forget these afternoons where the dishes didn't get cleaned in a timely fashion or dinner was late getting on the table because my baby girl wanted to sleep on my chest.

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Unknown said...

So sweet! I can't wait to snuggle with our little one.