Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So for the most part this weekend was good. Erica and David finally got all moved to Ohio, though I am not sure how the rest of the moving is going for Andrew's parents.....it seemed they still had a lot to do. Anyhow....I stayed at Andrews Saturday night and got up early on Sunday to go home and sing at church. After church I got home and changed and saw all these red dots on the top of my right hand. At first I thought nothing of it until I noticed the same sized dots all over my left elbow and on the tops of my feet. At this point they didn't itch at all, just red and a little raised. I showed it to my mom and she gave me the 20 questions game of "what were you doing? does Andrew have this rash? Well I don't know what it is so just stop asking me about it" and my brother telling me I had scabies. I took a bendryl that night and went to bed. When I woke up Monday it was even worse, itching horribly and the spots were bigger and more raised from my skin. I decided that although I do not have health insurance to call my doctor and get it checked out.

It was $75 for the appointment, which I guess is better than the $150 they told me it might be. After asking me what seemed like 1,000 questions and staring at all my bumps, he came to the conclusion that they were flea bites. And yes one of Andrews dogs and his sisters dogs have/had fleas. Apparently they really like me because they pretty much ate my arms, feet and ankles alive.

I didn't work yesterday bc I was in so much pain and the meds for the swelling/itching made me tired. But I am back to work today and we will see how it goes.

I hate bugs and for some reason people can't seem to understand that. Maybe now Andrew will know why I never want to sleep outside or go camping!


Caitlyn said...

That sucks! I'm so sorry. I just found out yesterday that we don't have insurance, so I know how you feel! I hope the itching stops soon!

Mel said...

Oh, man! Hate fleas. I remember when Charlene and Snowpaws had them and my parents had to give them a bath. Sucked. Anyway, hope the itching gets better and here's hoping you stay healthy until December when your insurance kicks in.

Amanda said...

Yeah me too. The bites are actually worse today....they hurt so bad and trying to concentrate at work is hard. Plus I have a paper to write tonight....ick!!! Yeah we had to flea bomb our house in New England Acres once bc Webster had fleas so bad!