Friday, November 21, 2008

Haiku Friday

Haiku Friday

So tired this week
Can't seem to catch up on sleep
Dark under my eyes

Had a cold all week
Could not breathe from my plugged nose
Feeling better now

Coffee is my friend
Gets me through a day at work
Just one more cup please!!

Well I don't have much to say this week, I am honestly so exhausted! I had a cold all week which kept me from sleeping normally since I could not breathe out of my nose. It seems to be better today, which is good. Its still freezing at my work and the weather is below normal cold for this time of year in Ohio. I cannot wait to just sleep in for a few hours tomorrow!!!!! At work I have a few major projects going on right now which have been causing me some stress, I have a final to finish this weekend for my bio class and then I am officially on break!

Well I should probably get to work now, although I have no motivation and I still feel really tired. Hope that everyone has a good weekend and GO BUCKS!!!!!


Unknown said...

Let me see. Ohio State plays Michigan this weekend. So you should be feeling a lot better by Saturday night.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I've looked back through some of your previous stuff - and this weekend I'm going to look back further.

You seem like a person worth getting to know.

I hope you don't mind - if I come back, and all.

Amanda said...

Come back anytime! I am just really starting to get into the "blogosphere" and branching out to read blogs other than those of my old friends!

Thanks for the comment and yes I will be feeling a lot better after we beat Michigan!

Mommycosm said...

Hope you feel better soon! We're on round 3 cold/flu this school year. My little guy is home with me today all stuffy.

maggie said...

Hope you feel so much better by the end of the weekend. Sleeping in on a Saturday and plenty of coffee work such wonders.