Monday, December 15, 2008

Another wonderful weekend!

Here is a play by play of the weekend:

  • Worked till about 3 and met with my advisor. She is really proud of my progress toward my diploma and my ever increasing GPA. I always enjoy talking with her.
  • Nothing else too exciting went on that night.
  • Worked at 3 Belles from 10 till 1 and it was pretty busy most of the morning. My mom stopped in and picked out her bday present (a sweater and boots) and at least I will know that she will like the gift!
  • After that I headed over to Andrews, we went to get his haircut, went to lunch and did a little unsuccessful shopping. He wanted a new desk chair and I was still looking for Christmas gifts. Polaris Mall was total insanity so we decided to go back to his house.
  • We all watched Wall-E at Dave and Erica's, I didn't really think it was that good....I would have rather watched Batman again or something else.
  • Around 9:30pm I got a phone call from my dad (it was his company Christmas party that night) and he called to tell me that he won Salesman of the Year aka The Silver Stetson Award, which is a huge deal. He got a ring, cowboy hat and 25 shares of Bob Evans stock. They gave my mom a dozen roses and a necklace with the Silver Stetson charm and my dads name engraved on the back. It was a well deserved win since he works so incredibly hard at his job.
  • I ended up staying the night at Andrews house that night bc I was not in the mood to drive home!
  • I didn't really do much, woke up at Andrews and watched TV for a little bit then the boys decided that it would be fun to drive to Heath to go to Buckeye Outdoors bc they were having a "hot sale" so we all went out there.
  • Afterward Andrew dropped me off at home and I vegged in front of the TV for a solid 3-4 hours and then watched the Steelers pull another win out of their butts.
Its back to work today.....I don't want to be here at all, I feel like I didn't sleep (what else is new) and I have hardly anything to do right now. Hope that everyone else had a good weekend!!!!

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Mel said...

My weekend was entirely too short, as we spent much of it in Cincinnati. But the holiday party we went to was good.