Friday, December 12, 2008

Haiku Friday - Motivation Needed

Haiku Friday

Is Christmas really
as close as it seems, my Lord
I am so behind.

A few gifts are bought
Decorations are done now
Tree is trimmed, lights hung.

Time goes much too fast.
Need to get going here soon,
maybe this weekend.

I have been so lax with what I need to do for Christmas and now I can see that was not a good idea. I hope that I get some more of my shopping done this weekend. I'll be at the consignment store on Saturday so maybe I can find some gifts there, since I am trying to be thrifty. I've spend a reasonable amount of money so far. I am trying for the thoughtful yet inexpensive purchases this year and so far its going good. I got my mom an indoor herb garden for the window sill in the kitchen; my dad new martini glasses; my aunt who I chose in the drawing scrap booking supplies; my cousins some really cool Eric Carl board games at Marshalls for 1/3 of what they were at Meijer. So I have a few friends left, the grandparents and my brother. I really wanted to sew some things for Christmas but I just don't have the time. Maybe next year I can get a sewing machine and get to work on that.

Well all for now, I'm here at work till about 3pm today, then I have a meeting at school. Tomorrow I am working at 3 Belles from 10-1 then hanging out with Andrew and Sunday I might bake cookies with my grandma!


Mel said...

I haven't really done anything in preparation for Christmas. I made snowflakes and hung our countdown calendar, but my father-in-law is making a stand for his grandmother's tree, which is ours now.

I haven't bought presents because we're behind in the bills. The holidays are kinda depressing when you can't be a part of the giving.

maggie said...

With the big move, I haven't done *anything* yet in the way of shopping. Our tree is still on the moving van, and presents have yet to be bought. I may need to resort to gift cards this year. You are still ahead of me, and I'm glad you are able to keep it frugal.

Honey Mommy said...

Christmas comes SO quickly. I had my family Christmas party this weekend, so I am done with that side of the family. Now I just have to work on my husband's side!