Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Update (with photos)

So Christmas was good, tiring but good none the less. I do know one thing though, I do not want to see another cookie again for a long time! I ate way too many this week/weekend and I've had enough! I really need to join a gym here soon.....

Anyways here are some photos (rare for me I know), but Andrew got me a new camera for xmas so now I can take pictures like a crazy person once again!

Here is my family on Christmas Eve with my grandparents, mom and dad, brother and his girlfriend Amanda (does that seem odd to anyone else that we have the same name??) and Andrew!

Me and Andrew....he doesn't really like to smile in pictures....but I'm working on it!

Just me and the family, I don't think you would ever guess that we are all

My kitty Rusty likes Christmas....he is such a cute little thing!

I am sad that the holidays are over.....they seemed to come and go much too fast this year, but I am happy that I only work 3 days this week then its off to Hocking Hills with Andrew Friday-Sunday! We are going back to the same place we stayed in March, just in a different cabin than before. I don't think we are going to do much for New Years only bc neither of us really drink anymore and I don't really want to get a DUI. Some friends of mine are getting a party bus, but I don't really want to spend the money to go with them; guess I have gotten lame in my older years!

Well all for now, hope that everyone else had a good holiday!


Caitlyn said...

Ha ha, Amanda, Andrew, Adam, and Amanda. You have a theme family! Also, hello! Call me! I'm not in town much longer and if you don't you might have to wait a few weeks until we get back from Memphis, and I don't know how long we'll be able to stay then!

Mel said...

Ha! There is nothing "little" about that cat. But he is really cute.

Amanda said...

Caitlyn: LOL I never realized that....

Mel: No he is not little at all....but he is stinkin cute!