Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Hocking Hills Weekend

So this weekend it was back to the place that Andrew and I are going to make a yearly tradition of going to, Hocking Hills State Park! Last year we went in March, weather was rainy but warm and we had an amazing time but only stayed one day.

This time we were able to go from Friday-Sunday and it was wonderful. It was about 50 each day, rare for a January in Ohio and the sun was out Friday and Saturday! Here are some of the photos from the trip!

This is Old Mans Cave, one of the more popular places down there. We took a different trail this time and got to see more things.

This is called the Devils Bathtub and its a natural carving in the rock. Legend says that its so deep that it goes down to Hades....

Some of the pretty ice was still cold enough down there that we saw a lot of the falls still frozen.

The suspension bridge that leads to CedarFalls, I braved it this time....I hate heights......

One of the new places that we visited Conkles Hollow, this was called the grotto.

Andrew looking out over a ledge at rock house....these were some of the better photos because some of them were dark.

Enjoy the photos I'll post more in a few days I'm sleepy.


Mel said...

I love the Hocking Hills! Always a good road trip. I went a few years ago with my dad, which is always an adventure -- he claims he's part mountain goat and tries to climb all sorts of places he probably shouldn't at his age.

Amanda said...

Oh your dad cracks me up! I remember years and years ago your mom went down there and broke her ankle and my mom drove down there to get here.....I'm pretty sure we were super young then, don't ask me how I remember that!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

that looks like a pretty awesome place!