Thursday, June 11, 2009

The small things in life mean the most

As I've begun to start the process of moving into the house, I'm starting to see how far we've come from what this place was like back in the winter when we first found in online. Its amazing what a little cleaning and some paint did for the place and it just keeps getting better.

Thanks to the government, we finally received the First Time Home Buyer tax credit check about a week ago! Last night we went out to spend some of that money for the first time (besides paying back money owned to Andrew's wonderful dad who did a lot of work around the house for us). We had a few things picked out, new toilet, battery backup for the sump pump since we loose power a lot, and a weed whacker since our garage sale bargain took a crap and was unable to be fixed. But the biggest surprise of all...........


I was in total shock when Andrew told me that we were going to buy one that night because I figured it would be a while before he wanted to do that.....but as of Tuesday the 16th I will have a lovely new Maytag dishwasher!!!! I despise doing dishes, especially by hand......dries out my skin and it takes forever, but now my time spent doing that terrible task will be signficantly less!

So this weekend we are going to hit some garage sales in search of patio furniture and a stand for our TV, possibly fix the bathroom upstairs and start painting the kitchen!

I also re-potted my herb garden last night into 8" terracotta pots and put them out on the deck in the hopes that the plants will get bigger. I can bring them inside in the winter and possibly repot them if they get larger again. I got a nice house plant as well, so we'll see if I can keep it alive because I have horrible luck with plants it seems!

Pictures of the house are coming soon as well!


Caitlyn said...

We may have a TV stand you can have, but I have to ask my dad. It's from the 80's, so I'm not sure if you want it. It's the first thing I ever remember our TV sitting on. Weird!

Amanda said...

That would be cool, but I'll need to see if it will fit in the weird corner where the TV will go. That big window makes it hard to have an easy place to put the TV, but if we don't find anything this weekend, I'll let you know!