Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Bucket List

I have never taken the time to write a bucket list, although there has always been one in my head. Now, please know that this is in no particular order, just as things popped into my head. I knew when I saw the prompt for Writers Workshop that I wouldn't be able to come up with 100 things, so lets try 50 for now!

  1. Travel out of the country.
  2. Go to Hershey, PA and see how they make that yummy chocolate.
  3. Get married and have a family.
  4. Swim in the Pacific Ocean.
  5. See the Northern Lights.
  6. Go see a play on Broadway.
  7. Go to a Steelers game.
  8. See the bright lights of Las Vegas.
  9. Live near the ocean or at least be able to go more often.
  10. Go to Maine and have a fresh lobster.
  11. Attend mass at the Vatican.
  12. Swim with dolphins and manatees.
  13. Take swing dancing lessons.
  14. Go wine tasting in Napa Valley.
  15. Grow a huge garden and have a farm stand or go to farmers markets
  16. Live debt free for at least 10 years of my life or more.
  17. Pay off my student loans in less than 10 years.
  18. Learn how to knit.
  19. Protest for a cause that is close to my heart, like animal abuse or child abuse.
  20. Start a petition for a cause I believe in and present it to a local government official.
  21. Learn how to drive a manual transmission.
  22. Then own a manual transmission sports car!
  23. Learn how to Polka better than I can now.
  24. Teach a class on something I'm passionate about, like cooking.
  25. Learn how to be more cost effective by doing things like canning, making my own bread and growing a garden every year.
  26. Be totally happy with my body and grow to love my flaws.
  27. Go to Poland and find out where my mom's family was from.
  28. Build a kit-car with Andrew.
  29. Go on a vacation with my whole family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins)
  30. Live in a place where winter is not a season.
  31. Ride all of the rides in Disney Land at all of the parks.
  32. Learn how to make wine.
  33. Go to the Superbowl.
  34. Watch a meteor shower from the roof of my house.
  35. Have a poem published.
  36. Write an article for a newspaper or magazine.
  37. Drive a really fast race car on a track.
  38. Take a hot air balloon ride.
  39. Own a sailboat.
  40. Go deep sea fishing.
  41. Swim in the ocean somewhere that you can see all the way to the bottom.
  42. Get my real estate license.
  43. Journal the important events of my life and the lives of those in my family, when I have my own.
  44. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
  45. Take graphic design classes.
  46. Take cosmetology classes (to be honest, I've always wanted to do hair).
  47. Go to Washington DC while the cherry trees are blooming.
  48. See Niagara Falls.
  49. Run in a 5k.
  50. Volunteer my time with an organization that is close to my heart.
What are some things I have that you would put on your bucket list? What did you write about this week for Mama Kat's Writers Workshop?


Steph @ Professors_Wife said...

I'm with you on the trip to Hershey PA! Sounds like a great idea. I'm stopping in from Mama Kat's - I live in Ohio, too! This week, I wrote about my mom and I, who are Fiestaware collectors.

Stephanie said...

i like your list :) it's hard to think of so many things! i might give it a try. haha.

Unknown said...

Love the plan to learn canning! I looked into it a few times and then realized that I need just a little more storage room first - hopefully soon!

From Mama Kats... I put up some pictures that I AM going to get printed soon.

Tina L. Hook said...

This is a great list. I would want to do a lot of these myself.

Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

Melani said...

This is a great list! I didn't do the bucket list because I doubt I could come up with 100, LOL

Jennifer said...

We have a few that are the same!

Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

Brittany said...

Fantastic list!

I'm about an hour from Hershey and have a friend who worked at Hershey Park and lived just outside the town - her parent's back yard smells like brownies. It's a beautiful thing :)

Btw, I hope this doesn't super creepy or anything, but I drove past a sign for Salt Fork State Park this weekend on my way to Cincinnati. I couldn't figure out why it sounded so familiar, but I just remembered that it was from reading it on your blog!

Jen said...

This is a great list.

paige said...

This is a really great list, especially if you just sat down and wrote what came to you. I hope you get to do all of it!